154 Barker St, Randwick

The scope of works involves the design and documentation, manufacture, supply and installation.

Nineteen (19) buildings, ranging in height from two to eight-storeys, accommodating approximately 642 residential dwellings, and 2,390m² of retail / commercial uses; An urban plaza fronted by active retail / commercial uses; A 5,000m² public park, incorporating opportunities for active and passive recreation, and elements of heritage reinterpretation to be dedicated to Randwick Council; The adaptive re-use of Newmarket House and the Big Stable Building for a range of residential and/or commercial uses.

Project Features:

  • Residential air-conditioning system – air cooled VRF
  • Comms room air-conditioning system – air cooled VRF
  • Ground floor lobby air-conditioning system – air cooled VRF
  • Apartment toilet & laundry exhaust air system
  • Apartment Kitchen exhaust air system
  • Innovative design to remove access panels from ceiling. Indoor fan coil unit is accesses through supply air grille removal and a slide tray.
  • Retail kitchen exhausts (Capped ductwork and roof mounted fan only)
  • Carpark supply air system
  • Carpark exhaust air system
  • Grease arrestor exhaust air system
  • Garbage room exhaust air system
  • Garbage chute exhausts air system
  • Retail waste room air-conditioning system – air cooled VRF

Project Value: $321 million 

Client: Ganellen Constructions 

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